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Trenchless sewer repair?!?!?! Is it really possible? 

- Yes! Cured In Place Pipe is the latest in technology for repairing a sewer without digging up the whole entire yard. 


Sewer lining
Pipe Lining

How does it work?
- A spot hole is dug allowing access to your lateral sewer service line.  Your sewer line is then cleaned of debris. A liner is impregnated with resin, inserted into your sewer line and UV cured, creating a new pipe within your old sewer line

Lined pipe, sewer, clean, lining, snake, drain

What does this all mean?

- Primeliner is a 100% solids epoxy system designed to meet all specifications for full structural CIPP liner conforming to ASTM F1216. 

-The resin is hardened using UV light.

-The predicted life of A cured line is approximately 50 years. 

Lateral Pipe Relining.jpg
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